Friday, 27 April 2012

New Artist Alert: Sans Gras

And now for something completely different! Introducing Sans Gras, a post-rock outfit from Melbourne, who dived head-first into my inbox this morning, causing a cacophonous tidal wave of blaring brass and driving drums. Check out the first single 'Sun Come Up' below from upcoming EP 'Shed Your Woes'; it's a really interesting piece of music that takes the listener on a journey through three different musical realms, kicking off with some sexy sax, easing into a real grooving, rock n roll middle and finishing off with some dance-infected pop-rock goodness. The intensity of the last movement in the piece, if you will, builds to a point  ofunease before settling back in with the hook, the rocking riff, tipping off quite a different track, something that the band claim to be "not mainstream musical fodder".

If you're native to Melbourne, be sure to check out the band as they take on a residency in Melbourne's Grace Darling this May. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I Am Mighty Records and Friends' Compilation

I am very happy to report that I Am Mighty Records will be releasing a compilation album, featuring artists on, and friends with, the label. I am particularly pleased to be sharing the news, having worked closely with the label over the past year in helping to bring new artists much-required exposure, sharing them with my loyal readership. I hope that, should you be a fan of the type of bands affiliated with I Am Mighty Records, you'll be excited to get hold of the CD when it becomes available on April 30th.

I Am Mighty Records have a real passion for discovering and sharing new music, and providing bands who show great promise and potential the chance to make a career out of something they love. As a label, they've always worked really hard to gain exposure and promotion for their acts, including through blogs like mine, and their Director, Dave, is a really hands-on and personable guy.

Not only does the label aspire to share new music, it is doing so, via the I Am Mighty Records and Friends' Compilation CD, free of charge. Featuring Taking Hayley, Sell Your Sky, Maycomb, Fly This For Me, ScreamDontWhisper, Piper Saint, Highrise, Pressure Kids and many more; all you need to do to get hold of a copy is to sign up to the I Am Mighty mailing list, and fans will be sent a download link. There'll also be physical copies available nationwide at various gigs and events.

To sign up to the mailing list and to ensure you receive you're free copy, just click here.

For a sneak preview of the album, check out this sample video: