Thursday, 24 March 2011

Video Alert! Mimi Soya - I Told You So

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing... burrrrrrrrrr (drum roll) MIMI SOYA! I love these guys at the moment; the fresh female-fronted pop-rock quartet from Brighton are ready to 'take on the world with their huge pop anthems, sunny, addictive melodies and stirring guitar riffs' and I hope the world is ready for them!

Mimi Soya are just good fun to listen to, plain and simple. It's infectious and happy with a whole load of energy and if you don't believe me, just check out their brand new video for 'I Told You So':

Cool song right?! Mimi Soya are touring throughout April here in the UK with Kids Can't Fly so make sure you catch them:

Apr 10/The Furnace/Swindon
Apr 11/The Boiler Room/Guildford
Apr 12/Sound Bar/Birmingham
Apr 13/Fern and Fallow/Cannock
Apr 14/Soundhouse/Leicester
Apr 15/Lincoln IMP/Scunthorpe
Apr 16/The Dollhouse/Gwent
Apr 17/Six Feet Under/Newport
Apr 18/Champions/Bournemouth

And for more on Mimi Soya, check out their Facebook page. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Video Alert! The City Calls - Truth or Dare

Rememer my City Calls post sometime last year, the fabulous energetic pop-punk ensemble from Southampton? Well, guess who's got a great new video just out?! Well, The City Calls of course. That'd be ridiculous if it was anyone else.

Enough blabbering, go check it out. The City Calls, Truth or Dare. The video is here! The song is great with real Panic! At The Disco flavours and the performance aspect really captures the energy of a live City Calls' show.

The City Calls are embarking on a relentless tour right through April, so be sure to catch them on the road:

Apr 15/The Marquee/Norwich
Apr 16/The Rose and Crown/Hemel Hempstead
Apr 17/TBC
Apr 18/Sin City/Swansea
Apr 19/Ibar/Bournemouth
Apr 21/TBC
Apr 22/The Shed/Leicester
Apr 23/The Asylum 2/Birmingham

For more info, check out The City Calls on Myspace.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Introducing: WeCaughtTheCastle!

Last week my band (Birds In Flight) played with the very cool WeCaughtTheCastle. I know it's been a really long time since I last posted, and I do want to get back into introducing new music again, so what better way to start than with these hard-rocking guys (and gal!) from Reading.

With a wicked mix of post-hardcore and pop-punk flavours, this hard-rocking quintet really do hit hard with a massive, charismatic set. Their live shows certainly don't pull any punches; it's too easy to label them as a younger Paramore, these guys are definitely developing their own sound and their song-writing ability reaches far beyond their tender years. Their creativity and expressive qualities are clearly evident and they're definitely a band to look out for; I urge you to catch them live the next time they're playing near you.

Featured below is their video for the fabulous song 'Lips' and you can check out the band's Myspace page for all their latest shows, pics and more.