Thursday, 24 March 2011

Video Alert! Mimi Soya - I Told You So

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing... burrrrrrrrrr (drum roll) MIMI SOYA! I love these guys at the moment; the fresh female-fronted pop-rock quartet from Brighton are ready to 'take on the world with their huge pop anthems, sunny, addictive melodies and stirring guitar riffs' and I hope the world is ready for them!

Mimi Soya are just good fun to listen to, plain and simple. It's infectious and happy with a whole load of energy and if you don't believe me, just check out their brand new video for 'I Told You So':

Cool song right?! Mimi Soya are touring throughout April here in the UK with Kids Can't Fly so make sure you catch them:

Apr 10/The Furnace/Swindon
Apr 11/The Boiler Room/Guildford
Apr 12/Sound Bar/Birmingham
Apr 13/Fern and Fallow/Cannock
Apr 14/Soundhouse/Leicester
Apr 15/Lincoln IMP/Scunthorpe
Apr 16/The Dollhouse/Gwent
Apr 17/Six Feet Under/Newport
Apr 18/Champions/Bournemouth

And for more on Mimi Soya, check out their Facebook page. Enjoy!

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  1. They're on Myspace too for any non-facebookers! Got tickets to see them at Leicester. First saw them in Holland last year - awesome. If you can get tickets - GO!
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