Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Artist Alert: Le Paige

I'm very happy to introduce to you Hollywood pop-rockers Le Paige, a feisty quartet who bring 'undeniable pop swagger' and 'anthemic songs' to the table. The guys, who have been together since 2011, have already earnt themselves a spot on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, a greatly prestigious nod for anyone not least of all for a band so early into their musical career.

With plans to record their new EP through Kickstarter, Le Paige's first offering was released at the beginning of 2012, enjoying an average 5-star rating on iTunes in the process. 'Hit The Lights' is a great 4-track pop-rocker from a very positive band who are all about just having fun and playing music.

The EP's flagship track, Another Chance To Lose, kicks off the CD dripping with American pop-punk goodness and the sort of sound sure to please both fans of the genre and teenage girls alike. Musically, it's a simple but effective journey through the tried-and-tested pop-punk form, dipping in and out of half-time/double-time changes, rocking lead-guitar riffs and catchy vocal melodies with a (genuine) American drawl thrown in for good measure. It's all good fun, and the group-chanting breakdown section is just what the doctor ordered which is, I'm sure, more than fine for fans of the genre. Music connoisseurs turn up your nose at your peril, this isn't a highschool garage band we're talking about here; Hit The Lights is an extremely well-written and highly polished pop-punk record with squeaky clean production but just enough of a rock edge for the guys to enjoy it too.

Be sure to keep in touch with Le Paige via their Facebook page, if only to keep up to date with news of the bands' new EP. And keep one eye on the American music charts for these guys, if Simon Cowell gets a sniff there's sure to be dollar signs in his eyes...