Friday, 18 December 2009

Re: Frost Fayre Post

After having my previous post about the Frost Fayre being printed in this week's local paper, the Central Somerset Gazette, I was contacted by a colleague of the SYVN (Somerset Youth Volunteeing Network) who organised the bands part of the event. She had reason to be disappointed with what I'd written because the Editor of the paper cut off the final, and most pointful, paragraph, effectively changing the very point of my letter. Here is my second letter to the Editor, which I hope is printed next week:

With regards to my letter printed in last week's Gazette about the Frost Fayre gig cancellation, I felt that due to the final paragraph of my letter being cut, my words could have easily been perceived as if my anger was vented at SYVN. Had the entire letter been published, this could have been avoided. The final paragraph read: "The cliche is that young people attract bad press, but there are enough young people doing good to silence their 'critics' and who aren't dillusioned and angry ASBO-hunting stereotypical yobs. Don't get me wrong, Glastonbury has it's fair share of petty crime, but I'd like to see the powers that be who cancelled Saturday's celebration of young and local talent enforce their reign of unnecessarity in the more deprived cities of the Country; we should be grateful for the compliance and willingness of our young generation here, and encourage them to take part in more events that bring together the community, rather than re-open a road for a few drivers who can't take a short diversion whilst youngsters rule the streets of Glastonbury with guitars in their hands instead of knives."

By leaving this out, the whole point of the letter effectively changes, and looks like I'm venting anger at SYVN whereas the point was being angry at the council/carnival club for re-opening the road and meaning that our young people suffer. SYVN is the work of young people and relies on just volunteers to put on these events. They do a great job, and it was fantastic last year in Clarks Village, of which my band were also a part of, and was a completely celebrated event. I have worked with SYVN through my Learner Advocate position at Strode College and know that they do a lot of good for our young people. The incompetence does not lie at SYVN's door; it is down to those that opened the road, cancelling the event.

I hope this sets the record straight.

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