Sunday, 26 June 2011

New Artist Alert: Vintage Trouble

A friend of mine introduced me to these guys a month or two ago but I've been holding off posting about them since I found out they were to be supporting Bon Jovi at my Manchester show 2 days ago. I have seen them on Jools Holland, had a good listen to their album but figured it would be cool to hear them live too before I passed comment.

Vintage Trouble are a soul/blues/funk quartet from LA, who happen to be managed by Bon Jovi's ex-manager Doc Mcghee which is how they got the support slots for some of Bon Jovi's UK summer shows. They were definitely a breath of fresh air to hear; obviously not an original-sounding band, they wouldn't have really stood out in the 70s but now it's refreshing to hear something a little retro that not many other people are reviving. The thing I love about these guys is firstly their song-writing capabilities, the harmonies and everything going on is really quite simple but it's so effective. As a band, they draw you in live, cramped together on a large stage, each great musicians in their own rights. But also, to watch them live, whether on TV or in the flesh, they put on such a fun and enjoyable show. Front-man Ty is so much fun to watch as a front-man because he's so charismatic; not in a 'running about the stage' kind of way but his dance moves really add another dimension to the music whether he's swaying or spining or using the mic stand as a dance-partner. He has a real natural soulful quality to his vocal which really soothes the listener, which is evident in the slower Nobody Told Me:

Also great is the more upbeat 'Pelvis Pusher', recorded live here in Edinburgh:

Another track worth checking out is Nancy Lee, written about Ty's Mother and Father when they first met at a barn dance, written from his Father's perspective.

I definitely urge you to check these guys out if you're a fan of any sort of blues, funk or soul music as they're bound not to disappoint. Also, they're back performing at tiny venues in the UK later in the year even though they're currently opening stadiums for Bon Jovi; I can't help but think this will be your last chance to see them in such intimate settings!

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