Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Stories Beats Stuff UK

‘He who dies with the best stories, wins’. It’s the 21st Century. Gone are the hoarders of yesteryear, it’s all about downsizing this and reshuffling that. It’s most definitely cool to be small. In an age where we’ve replaced all our CDs that took up a whole wall in our flat with a palm-sized digital music library, everyone’s looking for an excuse to take up the minimalist approach. And what better opportunity to do this whilst being in with the chance of winning a money-can’t-buy trip to New Zealand?!

I thought I might have your attention now. It’s so simple, just pick which of the two-week experiences you’d like to win; maybe you fancy the ‘Summer Rhythm’ music festival trip, where you’ll partake in a road-trip across the South-East of NZ before ending up at Rhythm & Vines music festival with a chance to catch Calvin Harris, Pendulum and Example. Or perhaps you might prefer the ‘Beaches & Boats’ option where, in the Bay Islands, you’ll get a chance to swim with dolphins, dive the Poor Knights Islands and sun yourself on glorious white sandy beaches. A tough decision I know, but once you’ve made your choice, film yourself picking out the material possessions you’re happy to trade in for the chance to win, upload the video to YouTube and share it all over Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to get your mates to share it about too, because the top-10 videos with the most views will be short-listed to help find the ultimate winner!

Want to check out my video...

This global competition opened on the 9th November for anyone over the age of 18 but is only running until the 31st November so get your entries in quick! It’s so easy and you’ve just got to get sharing. Need some more inspiration? Check out this video. Looks great, but I reckon you could do better. How about this one? Still very cool but remember this is a competition! So now you’ve seen some examples, get out there and make your own, but make it ten times better!

Be sure to Like the New Zealand Facebook page for your chance to keep up to date with all their latest offers and ensure you’re at the front of the queue for all their upcoming competitions. I did a bit of research on NZ as I must admit, it isn’t somewhere I’d considered as a holiday destination before. That’s all changed now though; New Zealand is a traditional country but with a great fresh, new party vibe that it’s bursting to share with all you guys! The country is oozing with culture, awash with white, sandy beaches and has a great night-life; the best of all worlds I’m sure you’ll agree! Oh, and there’s no need to cram in those last-minute language sessions because they speak English! What more could you want?!

So I think you’ve got the idea by now, for more information and to submit your video check out the official website, otherwise get filming, get sharing and get on that plane! Make yourself some memories with this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You only live once and you can sleep when you’re dead!


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