Thursday, 2 February 2012

Vote for All About Flux!

Hey guys, be sure to vote for All About Flux in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam right here! The band haven't lost their upbeat, pop-punk ways in the video for 'You Played This Game' featuring new singer Zelah who brings her own attitude and wow-factor to a great and very hard-working band.

You Played This Game has a wicked polished sound which showcases the band's tight, pop-punk roots with a generous smattering of originality whilst showing an obvious awareness for the genre. The video adopts the tried-and-tested living room-method feel with a narrative running parallel to maintain the viewer's interest; the filming and production have been done sharply and professionally giving it a really fresh feel and are the icing on the cake to a great sounding pop/rock song.

You can keep up to date with All About Flux on their Facebook page; remember to cast your vote and check out the video for yourselves below!

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