Saturday, 25 August 2012

Video Release: Charlie Played Cello - Memories Collide

You may remember my post on LA rockers Charlie Played Cello about two months ago, in which they featured as a new artist here on When We Were Beautiful. Well, I'm happy to reveal that in that short space of time, the band have been working hard and have now released a video for their track 'Memories Collide', which you can see below. I have been forewarned that if I am in any way a fan of 80's glam rock, I'm sure to enjoy the video. Well, as a huge Bon Jovi fan, how could I possibly pass up this opportunity?! You can see the results for yourselves, but let's just say it's nice for a band to have a little fun once in a while, especially a fairly new band, who don't feel they need to take themselves as seriously as everybody else. A great track with a rocking video.


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