Friday, 14 September 2012

New Artist Alert: Mister Vertigo

In keeping with bands from across the pond may I introduce to you another of Boston's musical exports, 'Mister Vertigo'. The rocking quintet have been together for twelve years and have a whole host of DIY EPs and albums under their belts, not to mention having worked with top US producers Scott Riebling (Fall Out Boy, Weezer) and Brian Charles (The Figgs, Azure Ray).

Mister Vertigo, now part of the Zippah Records family, are prolific songwriters having recently written a plethora of tracks recently. The band are set to release their next single 'Taciturn' in early October, which will include three bonus track as part of 'Metatheory', and I've had a little pre-listen...

Taciturn is fit to burst with a great spectrum of musical influences apparent, with the likes of Pearl Jam to Weezer to The Beach Boys hidden somewhere in the folds of the track. The chord progression and form are simple but effective; the vocals sit proudly atop the mix, sometimes with nice harmonic backing, as the chorus follows the wails of lead guitar. Extended solo sections are a feature, so if you're a fan of winding guitar this one's definitely for you. The rhythm section are grooving along, holding everything together very capably, as the lead vocals, laced with passion and a little desperation (the good sort), project strongly and lead the charge. The track, albeit a little short with a slightly abrupt ending, is a great pop-rock tune that's sure to be a favourite for fans and critics alike.

Mister Vertigo are on Facebook, so keep in touch with the guys to make sure you get your hands on Taciturn when it's released early next month. In the meantime, there's plenty of music and pictures to whet your appetite. Enjoy :)

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