Saturday, 10 November 2012

New Artist Alert: The GoAround

There are many brothers who join forces to create a band and attempt to hit the big time, and Anthony and Alexander Saddic from The GoAround are no exception to this rule. Since its inception in 2006, the band has seen many-a plethora of members come and go, but A and A have held firm and, as The GoAround's core members, released their debut album 'Restating the Question' in August this year.

Hailing from Pennsylvania on the East Coast where they are still based, The GoAround, an alt-rock/pop duo, have video plans in the works for the singles from the album, 'Her Love is Like Glass' and 'When I Hit the Bottom'. Of their songs, the band say: "[Our] songs lyrically serve to motivate people to analyse what they stand for... Everybody is essentially chasing the same things: love acceptance and happiness. That to me is the common thread that unifies all of mankind..." Profound words indeed, and these guys really sound like they've got something to say.

'Her Love is Like Glass', a steady alt-pop tune, manages to draw in influences from country rock to fist-pumping stadium feels, whilst churning along delicately thanks to some great vocal harmonies. The texture thickens somewhat as we meander into the second verse, the layers slowly building as the track progresses, ebbing and flowing with its short verse and chorus stabs. There's a lot of ideas crammed in here, perhaps some not as effective as others, but the track's got a feelgood quality to it that you can't help but love.

'When I Hit the Bottom' is torn from a slightly different cloth; the country flavours are still nestling in the mix but there's an altogether grittier, bluesier tone apparent. The vocals are as strong as ever, the music busy and rich, and introducing and returning to little stabs and riffs often to maintain the listener's interest. Unlike 'Her Love is Like Glass', the second verse feels a little flat, maybe I'm used to the building blocks and expected a little more the second time around, and the second chorus drops into a short-ish guitar solo section; I'd love for an explosion that vamps upwards to match the passion and energy of the lead vocals. Again though, there's a great feel to the track and that's what it's all about. The mouth-organ towards the end is lovely and the 'jam-band' drive assures me that these guys are ones to catch live.

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