Monday, 3 December 2012

New Artist Alert: Maycomb

When We Were Beautiful is happy to share Maycomb with you, a pop-punk quartet from Wolverhampton who have just announced the release of their debut album 'I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things' via I Am Mighty records.

I've had a listen to the album, which is an energetic pop-punker of a CD that kicks off like a freight train with opener 'New Storms'. Maycomb are setting their stall out early, beating the crowds on an early Sunday morning with all the bite and energy of any well-established pop-punk outfit from across the pond. Frantic drums and a steady mix of half-time/double-time feels ensures this sits well within the established comfort zone of the genre and, at just under 2 minutes long, is a real snapshot of things to come from the album; a warm-up to the main event if you will.

'Dynamiter' kicks off with an extended Parmore-esque opening feel, before making way for the vocals that are often dual-layered adding a little more depth to the lead vocals which feel a little thin at times. I'm reminded of the All American Rejects at times, so if you're a fan these guys might just be for you. Verse 2 looks to develop ideas previously explored in the track to maintain the listener's interest whilst remaining true to the good-old pop-punk recipe.

'Out of the Darkness Cometh Light' offers a little audio-respite; a wise move from Maycomb as they opt for a mid-album electric guitar/vocal ballad to ease off the intensity, if only for a minute or so, allowing the listener a bit of breathing space. The segue into 'When The Time Comes' is rather effortless and definitely adds to the track considering the afforded toilet-stop.

The album ends just as it started, full of energy and drive with 'Also Ran' that particularly showcases some great drumming and lead guitar work. The rhythm section are working hard throughout the album holding things down; the guys are evidently tight and doing a great job on the song-writing front which should hopefully allow them success as long as the genre remains relevant.

If you like what you read, check out the album-sampler in the video below. Hopefully then your appetite will be well and truly whetted and I'm only too happy to send you in the direction of iTunes where you can purchase an album for yourself. Be sure to keep up to date with the guys on Facebook too, and catch them live when you can. Enjoy :)

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