Sunday, 11 August 2013

Playing the Numbers Game

I couldn't believe it when I had a look back over my posts recently and discovered that I've been running this blog for four years now! My blog started life with a rather conspicuous nod to my favourite band Bon Jovi, including reviews of releases and live shows. I opened my umbrella up further to include reviews of other established bands but sought reward in more regular posts of reviews of local and/or up and comping artists in dire need of all the free publicity they could get.

It was interesting, though I suppose not so surprising, when looking at the stats for individual posts to see that when the content was based around Bon Jovi or other established bands, the view count was off the scale as compared to reviews of indie artists, and even peaked at an unheard of 7000+ for a review of a John Mayer/Ellie Goulding concert! Other spikes tend to be focussed around guest posts which I welcome, so if you've something in mind and would like to contribute, please do get in touch!

As a blog that associates itself with Bon Jovi, I have refrained from passing comment on the recent dramas and happenings among the band, whilst supporting both Richie and his solo endeavours and the band in theirs (it's sad to refer to both as separate entities). I have my own opinions, but have decided to focus my blog content on exposure and free publicity for indie artists; providing this is more important to me, as a musician myself brimming with empathy, than higher numbers of visitors -  I don't make any money through advertising on the site, it's more a labour of love. I'm sure this isn't an admission of exclusivity but it's important to provide a service to those who need it most, and I enjoy offering critique and opinion on those who might actually listen and heed my advice or celebrate my comments most of all.

Thanks for your support over the past four years; life has evolved as it has a habit of doing and with that has come more and less activity over the years but I'll always try to find time to post and can only hope people continue to seek new music in this way.

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