Sunday, 22 September 2013

A. Jude - 'Plush' soundtrack

It's been a long time since Julian Shah Taylor has featured on the blog but, under his new alias A. Jude, Tayler has written and recorded three tracks, which are soon to feature in the sets of his live band The Singularity, for a the hit-motion picture Plush which stars Emily Browning (Suckerpunch) and Xavier Samuel (Twilight). The erotic thriller is set for release this month, and A. Jude had a hand in the initial recording phase for the soundtrack to the film.

Jude is no stranger to working with big names, having collaborated in the past with Joaquin Phoenix and Courtney Love and is excited to add Browning and Samuel to this list. Speaking of the project, Jude tapped into the unique side of his writing and recording techqniues that features the electronic/rock 'hybridisation' of bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, flavours of which are both evident in the new tracks.

This is an excellent opportunity added to the repertoire of a very talented artist who gives a lot back. Tayler is also directing the LA-based charity 'Art Angeles' that provides musical intsruments and education for inner-city children which sounds like a wonderful initiative. Somehow he also manages to find time to place his music in up-coming Australian film 'The Messenger' and is the musical director and composer for web series 'The Mysfits' for which he has written the theme.

You can listen to samples of the new album from The Singularity here, and watch the official trailer for Plush below.

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