Saturday, 23 January 2010


Sorry I've been slow to write, I feel that my inspiration, balanced alongside uni and other things comes in drabs; one week I'll have loads to talk about and the next there won't be much at all. But don't worry, I've secured some exciting new music to share with you and review soon!

Today, I'm off to get another tattoo to add to my slowly-growing sleeve. I love tattoos, they can look so cool and beautiful, but of course can look as eqaully ridiculous! Below are some photos of John Mayer's sleeve, which, aside from the coy, I'm taking inspiration from for my sleeve.

Most people spend months and even years deliberating what to have done; I tend to run with an idea and figure that if it sticks, I like it. If I can't remember the colours or where I wanted it within the next few days of it popping into my head, it's probably worth ditching that idea. Below are a couple of funnies that tickled me, and I'm sure they wish they'd ditched their ideas too; some are goord for a laugh, but you have to live with that forever!

Hopefully in years to come, budding bloggers and musicians will look at the fantastic sleeve of a famous drummer (me) with awe and appreciation. For now though, I hope this doesn't seem like a stock post; I didn't want to write about the same artists whilst I am waiting on reviewing new ones, so they shouldn't be too long coming! Below are some exceptional examples of what can be done with a needle. Enjoy!


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  1. im such a massive fan of tattoos but id be scared to get a tattoo impulsively, its just youve got it forever now x


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