Friday, 1 January 2010

"Jon Nob Jovi"

This is UK newspaper The Sun's, or rather, Gordon Smart's opinion on Jon Bon Jovi:

"Jon Bon Jovi wins a new gong - Nob of the Year. There's no physical award for this, the leather-clad gimp is not worth £12.50 for the frame. Jon Nob Jovi told the Bizarre team that his five nights at London's O2 in 2010 should always be referred to as a residency, not a five-night run. I won't be going to any of his five-night run because he is yesterday's man, his music is dull and he stole his haircut from Lassie."

The quip was slipped into the editor's 'Bizarre Awards', naming Jon as his 'Nob of the Year'. In a year where JLS are forever talked about in his pages, I don't think he's really entitled to an opinion on music tastes.


  1. i wonder if you ever got out of your must be so jealous of this amazing man called jon bon jovi, that you have nothing better to do with your time than to say nasty things about this very giving and amazing man. i feel very sorry for someone like you, that you have to lower yourself to the level of a primary school child to get your point across. remember the saying what you send out comes back times three, a favourite wiccan saying. why don't your really listen to the words in the songs that jon and the guys write, and then you might understand what he is all about.

  2. I hope this is aimed at the guy who wrote the article and not me, seeing as this is a blog which shares my love for Bon Jovi...

  3. People who can't take criticism of the music they love crack me up. As if the journalist who wrote this just hadn't been listening to the words properly (Oh he said 'living on a prayer'! Now I get it. He is a genius after all).

    We don't all like the same music, but it's don't have to take it personally. Some people think the music I listen to is friggin awful...and they're probably right!

  4. HA, Absolutely brilliant. One of the rare times a writer from the Sun has actually hit the nail on the head. If all the posts on this site could encapsulate the rare comical beauty and mundanity of the man that is bon jovi. I truly think you'd have a very popular, AND money making site on your hands...
    Maybe give Margaret a call?...
    Musical Opinion+JLS=Discredited Musical opinion=Bon Jovi Rule!!!!


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