Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New Artist Alert: Beatitudes

With just one track online currently, I'm hoping this is the sign of things to come from the young band 'Beatitudes'. It's a cheeky yet infectious acoustic guitar intro supplemented nicely by the cool vocals; I like the melodies explored here and there's hints of Paolo Nutini and James Morrison. I was expecting a few snare stabs before the full band came in so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more tracks because this must just be an acoustic song. It's nothing short of great though; really nice chord progressions matched with strong vocals do enough to set the song apart from every other singer/songwriter act; this sounds fresh and professional, definitely sure of itself and confident which is why it stands out.
Beatitudes hail from Southampton and describe themselves as "A fusion of Soul, Dance, R'n'B, Rock and all that Jazz...Music for people that LOVE music" and have a few shows lined up for the future:

30th July/Drift in the City Bar/Portsmouth
31st July/Joiners/Southampton
29th Aug/The Brook/Southampton
15th Sept/Soul Cellar/Southampton

You can have a listen to 'Danielle' for yourself and check out their upcoming shows on the band's Myspace page.

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