Saturday, 31 July 2010

New Artist Alert: SJ

For the second installment of my 'Uni Friends Specials' of my New Artist features, meet SJ; a singer/song-writer from Cambridge who's first offering, 'Lost in the Dark', is ready for you to hear. It's a cool electro-pop tune which display's SJ's great vocals and song-writing skills. It's rich with samples mixed with cool electric guitar riffs sitting just below the mix in the choruses and it's here that SJ's vocal talent is really exercised as she opens up. The modulation towards the end is the icing on the cake; lifting the song into it's final phase with a sudden abrupt end that catches you off guard and still leaves your feet tapping.

You can also hear the acoustic version for this song which, for me personally, showcases SJ's talents even more; her vocals are sublime here and it really gives the lyrics a new meaning. This is definitely my favourite version.

SJ is from Cambridge but is also at University in Southampton currently. You can listen to her songs for yourself on her Myspace page, where she cites her influences as The Eagles, Beyonce, Norah Jones, Coldplay and Queen.

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