Monday, 28 January 2013

New Artist Alert: Friend Slash Lover - Unaware

When We Were Beautiful is happy to introduce Friend Slash Lover, indie-rockers with a haunting undertone from LA, with their single Unaware which is taken from the latest EP 'The Grey Area'.

The video incorporates footage filmed entirely on an iPhone but certainly doesn't have an amateur feel; the black and white visuals of driving through lost streets adds to the mystery and eerieness conjured up by the music which pleasantly plods along with an electro-indie rock feel. The production on the track is great which, although at times slips in and out of your consciousness, has a very late-night radio-friendly sound. There's some lovely piano arpeggios that resonate wonderfully, and great harmonious backing vocals soothing in the background of the mix.

You can see the video in question below, and keep up to date with the guys from Friend Slash Lover on Facebook. Be sure to check out some earlier music and, if you're local to LA, try and catch them live if you can. Enjoy :)

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