Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Artist Alert: Sarah D

Every so often, it's nice to refresh the ears and the blog-content and offer up a little something different. Last week's feature of Mary at Midnight offered some respite, and Sarah D is only to happy to bring a little dance-pop to the table and continue to stir things up a bit. Though When We Were Beautiful tends to focus on the rock end of the musical spectrum, my main reasons for starting and pursuing the blog, which is heading for its 4th year, is to provide independent artists with some free exposure, with a little of my own opinions thrown in for good measure. So, here goes...

Residing in LA, Sarah D's dance-pop sound and hardy DIY attitude has ensured a great reception to 'Over You', her newest EP of which she cites influences from Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J, and Maroon 5's later sound.

Over You, the title-track taken from the EP, is available for a free download from Sarah D's Soundcloud page which I urge you to take advantage of. Who doesn't like free music and, who knows, you just might like it. Then you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, and before long you've helped contribute to the rise of a hard-working indie artist.

Over You certainly has a Kelly Clarkson feel with its dance-pop flavours and radio-friendly choruses. There's loads going on in the mix, in thanks partly to producer Andres Torres and the analog synths used to create the track.

Be sure to download a copy for yourself, and head on over to her Facebook page whilst you're at it to keep in touch with all things Sarah D. Enjoy!

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