Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Artist Alert: D8 Dimension

D8 Dimension are only too happy to pick up the rock-flag where Ravenous left off, and fly it high for the metal scene. Industrial/alternative rockers D8 Dimension are from Livorno, Italy where they began life in 2009, releasing their debut EP the following year. Since then, the band have concentrated on developing their sound and performing live across Italy before knuckling down to write the 7-track mini-album 'Octocrura' last year.

Octocrura kicks off with opener Vrock, an industrial rocker with whirring electronic undertones. Squealing guitars develop the intro before the strong vocals drop and help to carry the track along, with a heavy, pulsing rhythm section underneath. The music is tight and the production on the track sounds great; the band are keen to showcase their musicality throughout with extended instrumental sections, though I feel the choruses could carry a little more melody - it's there in the mix, but I think the guitar chords could ring out some more just to add an extra layer to the piece.

I couldn't resist having a listen to Poisoned Hamster, which is rather discerning with it's quick-paced vocals and half-time feel that develops into more melodious vocal phrases as the track builds and builds, gradually thickening throughout. The dual-layered octave split on the vocals is effective and effectively adds to the uncertainty created, whilst the guitars do their bit in winding, free-falling phrases. The track is greatly progressive and is easy to get lost - a great touch by the band which I'm sure audiences, live ones especially, lap up.

S.O.M.E. closes the album, which starts with some reverse-guitar and some rather unnerving piano. There's a feeling of being dragged through a timewarp, as the listener is pulled along with unsettling audio samples washing about in the mix before some slap-bass and a driving groove helps me find my feet. The track really showcases the band's song-writing abilities as they attempt to fuse genres of industrial, nu, and alternative metals, acting as a whistle-stop tour through half-time and double-time feels, easing off texturally before heavy, crunching guitars uneasily wrap up the track. The arrangement is complex but effectively so; it's busy but suits the genre well and rounds off a great-sounding album well.

Octocrura is out on 15th February, and you can keep up to date with D8D on Facebook where Vrock, among some older material, is available to listen to.

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  1. Octocrura is available in physical copy, digital download and free streaming on www.d8dimension.bandcamp.com

    Many Thanks to Glenn for the great Review

    D8 Dimension


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