Saturday, 23 March 2013

New Artist Alert: Another Lost Year

Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Another Lost Year are 'creating an empire' in the alternative hard rock/metal scene which has seen the quintet share the stage with the likes of Almost Kings and Pop Evil whilst completing a vast nationwide tour across many states.

Lead single 'War on the Inside' is taken from 2012's album 'Better Days' which is introduced with lo-fi vocals and a nice picky guitar part which soon makes way for a trudging metal-ballad feel. The production is crystal clear on this track, as the band drive their way steadily through the first verse complete with wailing siren-like guitars in the background and a super rock vocal that reminds me a mix of Creed and Hinder. I can imagine this being a real belter live; it's got the perfect tempo balance between ballad and rocker which will confuse audiences across the Country: do we lift our lighters or headbang?! An extended guitar section leads flawlessly into the bridge before making way for the final double chorus, led effortlessly by the lead vocals. It's a great rock track that finishes just as strong as it starts, and one that I'm sure is bound to stir even more excitement for this very talented band.

Be sure to keep in touch with the band via their Facebook page for everything Another Lost Year, from tour dates to album availability. The EPK for the band, which kicks of with War on the Inside, is featured below. Enjoy :)


  1. Awesome, Guys!! :)

  2. Love these guys!!!

    Killer live show, for sure!


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