Sunday, 10 March 2013

New Artist Alert: Stereoboy - Naked

Introducing electro indie pop artist Stereoboy, a Portugese duo with an agenda to create an all new kind of interesting pop with electronic vibes and guitar fuzz, to help reinstate and inspire the ideal of real garage bands and home tape-recording.

Stereoboy's debut album is set for release in April this year via PAD, and the band's first single, Naked, is available for download now. Naked is a free-floating slow-burner of a track, introduced delicately with an affected guitar-led ostinato before an electro groove helps the listener finds their feet. The track builds progressively across just over four minutes of music, as an unnerving chord change signifies the introduction of the sparse, dual-layered vocals. Musically it's rather repetitive but effectively so; it's a late-night lose-yourself sort of song signifying the transition at the party from chaos to calm. As it says on the tin, fuzz-guitar takes us into the thickest part of the track towards the end, still building cacophonially, before the music reaches a peak and everything falls over the edge of the waterfall and we're left with a quick-fade of a revisit to the intro section.

Have a listen to the track for yourselves below, and be sure to download the album when it's released. For now, keep up to date with all things Stereoboy by visiting the band's Facebook page. Enjoy :)

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