Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Artist Alert: Fauntella Crow - Just Try

I'm very pleased to share with you Fauntella Crow, an indie/folk duo from LA, who combine delicate vocals, violins, and keyboards to create a sound worthy of being a SXSW featured artist this year. Jessy Greene, one half of the band, has also toured and recorded violins for highly prestigious artists such as Foo Fighters, Pink, and R.E.M., whilst other half Sunday Lane is an old hat performer for iHeartRadio and Coachella.

But enough about the past, Just Try is the stunning new song from Greene and Lane, known together as Fauntella Crow. The accompanying video is featured below, which adds a whole new level to the song. Opening with a slow-pulsing violin and simple piano ostinato, the closely-harmonising vocals soon follow, establishing the foundations of Just Try. The lead vocals are lovely on their own, and only enhanced when supported; the track is a slow-burner but suitably so, it tiptoes along held aloft by a minimalist violin part and the feel of an old Damien Rice number. The track grows slowly without notice like a flower, gaining a slight momentum as it progresses, and it's only when it's over do you realise this. It's a lovely track, and one that is both potentially commercial and intricately personal.

Check out the video for Just Try below, and be sure to keep up with the girls on Facebook. Enjoy :)

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