Thursday, 2 May 2013

New Artist Alert: Noah Gopen

Every now and then, something a little different springs into my email box that catches my eye and it's always nice to share something a little refreshing. Not only is this the case with Noah Gopen, singer/songwriter from Massachusetts, but his new instrumental album, outline, is up for sale with half of the proceeds going to charity.

Gopen is splitting his royalties with cancer-supporting charity Love Hope Strength and victims of the devastating Boston Marathon bombings. Outline also features Turkish musician Cemre and, as Cemre describes, 'simple and humble' certainly spring to mind on my first listen.

Title track 'Outline' slowly builds in steps, with a simple piano and strings accompaniment introducing the track before a gentle right-hand melody leads us from the pleasant to the dissonant and back again. The track has a waltz-feel to it, swaying with a mix of time signatures and moods but always progressing. 'The River Flows' showcase Gopen's great acoustic guitar playing, whilst upbeat and classical-sounding Strings provides a little stylistic contrast. The album as a whole readily crosses genres and feels, with flavours of jazz, classical, and spanish-sounds to name but a few. It feels raw and poetic; look out for a surprise cover of Adele's Someone Like You which features a really lovely vocal.

I wish Gopen and Cemre well in their journey, and am very happy to share some very enjoyable music and such a worthy cause. Do visit the artist page here where you can listen to and purchase tracks or the whole album, where half the proceeds will go straight to charity.

Enjoy :)


  1. Hi, it is Noah. Thank you for writing about me! I love your website.


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