Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bon Jovi Latest

I didn't want to lose touch with my roots, and so decided on doing a quick Bon Jovi post because, after all, they are why I'm here and doing what I do.

The video for Superman Tonight is now officially available to view, and I love it. It looks great; it's quite a mesmerizing and pesonally perspective video, and is probably the best song on the new album so I urge you to check it out. I'm so psyched to be seeing them again in London this year I can't tell you!

Also, I had a listen to the Helping Haiti song. On first listening it sounds far too over-produced but I guess that suits the pop artists on the record. Perhaps biasedly (is that a word?!) I think Jon Bon Jovi's American sneer sounds awesome and adds a little depth and realness to the song.  James Blunt's voice also sounds great; I never got why people gave him so much stick.

I hope you're enjoying the latest flurry of reviews, remember to email me if you'd like me to review any of your work! And many thanks to all those who again voted for me as a finalist in the Bloggies 'Best Weblog About Music' category, the results are being released over the next month.

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  1. i havent heard the haiti single but yeah im not expecting great things from it. all these songs with these amazing artists are usually crap which is a bit of a shame but i will be listening out for the bon jovi bit! x


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