Sunday, 14 February 2010

Review: Mudslideslim - I Hate My Better Half

Photo by Laura Knight

Mudslideslim describes his music as experimental and progressive rock. An independent artist from Glastonbury, UK, Mudslideslim is a versatile artist, "playing what music feels at the time". This week I got my hand on his track 'I Hate My Better Half', which you can find reviewed below.

A pulsating crash cymbal introduces a cool and infectious guitar riff; it's carrying a real dirty-rock feel but certainly isn't dark. The vocals are in quick, there's no hanging around and I'm reminded of a Chili Peppers/Faith No More style voice with an overall taste of Muse. The track is built cleverly, not staying on one idea for too long, and the harmonising backing vocals really compliment what's going on. I love the busy guitar, with the riff kicking through constantly with really tasty licks thrown in behind the mix. The lyrics are angry; spat with a real grungy-rock undertone and the chorus is full of intent and angst. A real split-personality is built throughout both the lyrics and vocal performance, a nod to the title of the track as the story unfolds and the guitar work overall is fantastic. What I'm assuming is the bridge section after the second chorus really shows this off, as the guitar solo takes centre stage in an extended and passionate episode that I can really see being developed live and going on for twice as long, as the track ends suddenly and without warning. A cool tune and an artist well worth checking out.

For more info, please check out Mudslideslim here or at his Myspace page.

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