Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Music Review: The Vinyl Project - Come And Get Me

A teasing blues piano trickles into the speakers; haunting vocals follow closely behind, swaying softly as I'm transported to the deepest, darkest blues club in Bath; smoke billowing towards the rafters as if it were still legal underground. As the lead vocals begin, I'm reminded of Nina Simone, as they croon wonderfully along to the rising and falling piano arpeggios before the full band come in and the soothing brass swells cement themselves rigidly in the mix. The vocals are high and beautiful; there's a really special quality about them as the instrumental breaks stumble in like practiced falls, first the trumpet and then the sax, oozing real passion. I felt that the interval between the lead and backing vocals in the choruses could have been a little further apart creating a more carefully spaced harmony but love the loose groove and overall feel of this section. The piano rises and falls once more, and I feel lost and almost confused before I'm brought back into the second verse; stabilised once more by the soothing vocals. I really like this track; it's a really breezy, free-falling sort of affair which ebbs and flows wonderfully and is definitely one to check out for any blues and jazz fans reading.

The Vinyl Project will be performing at Moles Club, Bath on February 14th and at St James' Wine Vaults, Bath on March 26th. For more information and to hear 'Come And Get Me', among other tunes, please visit the band's Myspace page.

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