Sunday, 18 April 2010

Why I'm Uncool, Jools, and Back to School.

So this afternoon I was watching a feature program on James Blunt with him performing and talking about his songwriting techniques, inspirations, etc. I love James Blunt's voice, but it seems a lot of the music I enjoy is greatly frowned upon by your average musician. Blunt, Bon Jovi and Nickelback are all great artists, but it's almost embarassing to admit in music-circles that you're a fan! I'm not at all ashamed of what I like (the Bon Jovi tattoo is a nod to that) but I don't really get why there are some bands that just aren't liked on such big scales. There's no corellation either, it can't be a tale of success (Bon Jovi are the poster band for success), it can't be their commerciality (both Blunt and Nickelback are the radio's darlings when they have anything new out); maybe it's just the 'cheese' aspect of these artists. But ah well, I love it so that's all that matters.

Later with Jools Holland is back on our screens in the UK and I love this show for showcasing and introducing me to new bands I've never heard of. I didn't much care for Paul Weller's stint although I really enjoyed Marina and the Diamond's vocals but not the music so much. For me though, Gogol Bordello stole the show. Although I've heard of them before, I'd never really listened to them and so their stomping gypsy-folk-rock was a huge musical slap in the face; their complex rhythms and ingenious melodies really took a hold of me, they were just great! I'm sure I'll be sharing much more on the featured artists in the coming weeks.

I'm back to Uni tomorrow after a three week break, which was capped off wonderfully by lots of sunshine and a trip to the beach with my girlfriend yesterday. I'm a little burnt on just one leg and have tan marks on my face from not taking off my sunglasses...but it was very relaxing and really hot! Unfortunately I'm slipping back into the grips of reality now, which includes wrestling with music software Sibelius for the next few weeks. Oh joy... have a good week whatever you're doing :)

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