Friday, 7 May 2010

David Bryan misses MY show.

I'm really not happy about this. David Bryan is missing my show at the o2 on the 13th go to an award's ceremony. Sure, it's a Tony, and Musical Theatre is really important to him. But more important than the band he's devoted his life to with his 'brothers'? The band who's gig he's missing, after claiming he waited "two days to bury my father because I had two shows to do".

OK, it might seem that I'm a little more bitter just because it's my show. But if I read that it was for the show before mine, I'd be thinking 'I'd be really pissed off if that was my show'. And so I am, because it is. When people are paying £75 a ticket for, let's face it, not great floor seats, and in excess of £1000 to stand in the pit and have a pre-show party with a nobody DJ, the least you'd expect is for the whole band to show up. It's not like Richie battling his demons in rehab, this is David choosing not to record a message to send with his apologies in case he wins, because he happens to be playing in the middle of a run of London shows. Really very disappointed.

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