Saturday, 8 May 2010

Weekly Jools Bit

I guess this is turning into a regular feature to the blog when Jools is on TV...I realise it must be quite annoying if you actually watch the show, but remember my opinions are exactly those and hopefully it will open you up to at least one new artist worth checking out every week!

Mumford & Sons undoubtedly stole the show tonight, I want to see them live so bad! Their passion and energy when they play is unmatched; it's just so raw and true.

Hole, frounted by Courtney Love looked more like an attention-seeking experiment in the vain of 'I used to date one of the World's most famous rockstars so someone get me a band'. The 'singing' fits the feel of the music but it certainly isn't note perfect...having said that the overall product was quite interesting and groovy.

Joanna Newsom sat alone with her harp and sang beautifully; her vocals were obscure and child-like but the one song she performed was really beautiful and perfectly suited as she accompanied herself with the wonderful instrument that is the harp.

Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo and her rhythmically-brilliant African band had something really great to offer, as did the foot-tapping retro-rock n roll from Ian Hunter and his Rant Band. A much more enjoyable show overall this week!

In other news, my John Mayer tickets arrived this week and I'm very excited for that show, where he is to be supported by the great Ellie Goulding at the end of the month. One more week of Uni and I'm done for the summer, the gig went really well this week and my personal band project auditioned a fantastic singer yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to share with you some of my own music soon. For now though, enjoy the weekend :)

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