Sunday, 2 May 2010

Later with Jools Holland - This Week

Unfortunately I was really disappointed with Jools' show this week...The Gorillaz were the main act and were, to be honest, completely boring. The band create such a media hype whenever anything new is released but in my opinion they are overrated and were so uncomplicated it was just boring, not clever and effective as I would have hoped. In an interview, Damon Albarn said that The Gorillaz were spawned as a backlash from him watching an MTV music channel back in 1999 at there being nothing 'good' in the charts. So 11 years on, it's depressing to think that not much has changed...

Drive By Truckers were cool and groovy and reminded me of Bruce Springsteen, and there was also a drummer/singer with a DJ whos name I don't even care to mention it was that bad...his singing was just moany and wailing, and the drumming honestly sounded like an amateur child after a couple of lessons.

Fortunately the show was saved from complete disaster by Laura Marling, who just last week performed here in Southampton, UK. I hope the charts aren't sparking a full-on new-wave folk movement considering herself and Mumford & Sons creeping in of late because I'm enjoying the subtle fringes they currently occupy. I believe Marling is probably being replicated in clubs and universities up and down the Country, but there's definitely something about her which earnt her her record deal and I can see her being around for a couple of years.

I'm not in a bad mood, although this post does sound rather moany! Uni finishes next week, then I've a summer of gigs to look forward to. Have a good week all :)

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  1. i love laura marling. she has such a beautiful voice and her songs are just amazing. she really is a talented vocalist


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