Friday, 5 March 2010

Just dropping in

Just dropping in for a quick update, I am feeling ill at the moment which is rubbish. But I am however looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland tonight; I'm a huge fan of the Depp/Burton partnership and the masterpieces that they create.

It's not been the busiest of weeks although I'm excited about my new band; two practices and two songs can't be bad. It's going to be hard letting a singer in; not least of all because it's not your average verse/chorus/verse/chorus song-structures but also because it's hard letting any stranger in to a small and very tight-knit friendship group. And it's hardly about sitting next to someone on the bus, this is letting someone in to the circle and them being there hopefully for as long as they can be, thus really making something of this band. I feel very passionate about what we are doing yet anxious to share it with someone who, although may be the perfect singer, may not be the perfect person. Only time will tell...

Anyway I'm looking forward to a restful weekend of FA Cup football from the comfort of my sofa and will hopefully feel rejuvenated before Monday comes around. Have a good weekend all :)

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  1. i cant wait to see alic in wonderland although i might not be able to see it this weekend.
    hope it all works out for the band, its good to try new things and shake it up a bit.
    have a great weekend x


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