Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sometimes, you just have to listen.

Yesterday afternoon, I did something I haven't done in a long while. I listened to music. But, I mean really listened. It wasn't the soundtrack to my day, the background noise to accompany me, perhaps make me feel loved or not alone, it didn't fill a void as I undertook some menial task, I wasn't aware of it every so often, as I breezed in and out. No, it had my full, complete and undivided attention. I just looked at nothing. I did nothing. I let the music take me away like it used to, before you get too caught up in trying to live your life. Was it Paul McCartney who said 'life was just what happened while we were busy making other plans'? It was an album I have listened to a million times over; These Days, my favourite Bon Jovi album. But it doesn't matter how many times I've listened to it through, still I hear new things. And you can only achieve this by just listening. So today, I urge you to put on music as you might very well plan to do anyway, something you love or once loved. But don't read, don't surf the net, don't cook or clean, don't drive, just listen.


  1. It always amazes me, to see that I haven't realize that it was one of my old favourite songs I had been listening.
    The familiar melody hits me when I finally take a five second long break.
    The song is about to finish probably and I haven't even been listening to it.
    To that one song I cried with, the one helped me bare the pain and healed my soul.
    It always hurts me when I realize that I can't hear it anymore.
    Then again, it takes a good listening to hear, right?

    Thank you for reminding..

  2. i love listening to the killers like that. ill just sit there in my room and listen to a whole album. just really listen to the lyrics and the melodies.
    i also love snow patrol for that. i spent so much of last winter curled up in bed listening to their second album, eyes open.
    i think the mumford and sons album will also be a great album to just listen to but unfortunately im too skint to buy it! x


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