Saturday, 13 March 2010

Review: The Joe Public - Take it Back

I've got my hands on the latest release from the fabulous Joe Public guys. It's called Take it Back, and as you may know from my previous post on the band, their latest nationwide tour of the same name is currently well underway. Check out my review of the track below!

Take it Back - We're straight in with a real down-n-dirty riff; it's got the classic Joe Public feel with all the energy and grit to boot. It's reminding me of a mix between Queens of the Stone Age and Muse, really cool stuff. The riff calms down allowing the mellow yet determined lead vocals to carry us off and I haven't stopped nodding my head yet. The drums and bass together are perfectly tight and have nailed the groove wonderfully, a real feature of the band's fantastic musicianship. The chorus really explodes from the similiar yet subdued verses, and I love the half-time feel behind the guitar solo; it's brilliantly constructed with winding lead notes on top of the mix but with a hidden crunch nestling beneath, before the full band stab at the accents in the riff to bring back in the last chorus. I love the desperate backing vocals over the last chorus, before being treated to that infectious riff one last time. It's their most commercial and professionally sounding release yet and things can only get better for The Joe Public from here on out. Remember to catch them live soon, you won't be able to reach out and touch before long...

You can download your own copy of Take it Back on iTunes, and can also hear a sample at the band's Myspace page. Whilst there, be sure to check out their remaining tour dates plus a great new set of photos.

Praise for Take it Back
"I really like the new single from The Joe Public. 'Take it Back' is full of great musicianship and shows great potential."
Richard Jones - Stereophonics

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