Thursday, 11 March 2010

Loz Koleszko EP - 'Gravel Spines'

I have been asked to share with you the news of the new EP from Loz Koleszko titled 'Gravel Spines' on the critically acclaimed netlabel The Centrifuge.

You can download/stream your free copy of the EP here.

About Gravel Spines

Gravel Spines is a series of compositions for piano recorded during a period of heavy snowfall in 2009. This is a collection of music which seeks to trace the spaces between notes to form a temporal structure for the purpose of erasing itself immediately afterward.
Six tracks of autumnal, post-ambient piano: a musical backdrop for shooting zombies, exploring abandoned buildings and cutting your fingers off.

About Loz Koleszko
Loz Koleszko is a composer and sound designer from the Middle Of Nowhere. He writes music to imaginary films that don’t yet exist. Loz burst onto the electronica scene in 2002 with his debut EP 'The Monkeys Danced Like Cuboids' released on the now infamous 1 Man Army Records to much acclaim. After promoting the EP with a legendary tour of the UK, Koleszko moved out of the public eye and into the studio, emerging briefly in 2007 with the dense ambience of 'The More I Sleep' (1 Man Army Records) and again in 2008 with the digital assault of (Tetra-Pak Gardening Quarter' (The Centrifuge).


Loz Koleszko
Gravel Spines
The Centrifuge

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