Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Amy Heffernan - Friggin Little Know It All

Remember my introduction to the fab Amy Heffernan back in September 2010? Well she's back with a less self-indulgent yet rather more angry-sounding album entitled 'Friggin Little Know It All'. Track names such as the title track of the album, 'Ignorant Pig' and 'Crap' hint that Amy might have been bottling up some rage since we last heard from her yet her likeable teenage punk-rock image remains the same and I'm confident her latest offering will be as energetic as her last.

'Ignorant Pig' hints at an angsty-rock number with the chugging palm-muted guitar in the intro until the waves of synth throw us off the scent until the chorus. Heffernan's voice is strong and the chorus is definitely what I expected for all the right reasons; rocky, poppy, energetic and the overall sound of the track leans back to the Pink and Avril Lavigne sounds of yesteryear but with a fresh, electro take which is great and equally important. In an industry so reliant on originality, it seems like Heffernan is definitely moving in the right direction.

'Perfect' follows suit as does title track 'Friggin Little Know It All' with its slightly obscure vocal style that might not be to everyone's tastes. 'Dance Ourselves Sober' stood out to be as a track that might afford a drop in tempo for the listener; although the key and overall feel of the song is slightly more minor, I would have liked to have heard something a little slower, gentler, perhaps just a simple acoustic guitar or piano-led ballad for the sake of the dynamics of the album overall. Heffernan's definitely got herself a signature sound in the making here but not everybody wants to dance all night, sometimes we need a slow one to pick us up and recharge for the rest of the album.

It is though, overall, an uplifting, in your face, runaway-train kind of record that I'm sure people will enjoy hearing. For an exclusive listen to 'Ignorant Pig' and 'Perfect' plus teasers of the rest of the album, check out her LaFamos Digital Press Kit because this girl isn't going to come quietly!

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