Monday, 16 May 2011

New Artist Alert: Dom Liberati

"Liberati’s sound pays homage to his influences, blending The Police with Jimmy Eat World and Kings of Leon". Quite the interesting tag line, and one I think you'll agree left me wanting to hear what this sexless male-marriage of music might sound like combined with Dom Liberati's own personal touch. I had a listen to 'We Own The Night' taken from Liberati's forthcoming album 'The Good Hurt' and I wonder if he might be thinking of adding Bon Jovi to his list of influences anytime soon. It's a long shot, but the track title appealed to me as I thought back to Bon Jovi's 'We Rule The Night' and it also showcases the lyric 'You can't stop what you can't see' reminding me also of Bon Jovi's 'You can't cage what you can't tame' from the similar-sounding acoustic guitar-driven 'The Fire Inside'. But maybe that's just the hardcore fan inside me with my Bon Jovi blinkers on and really it's just a massive coincidence; these are both quite rare tracks... Back to Liberati as an artist in his own right; I love the energy afforded in quite a minor-sounding track thanks to the melodic synth and poppy, hard-hitting drums. His vocals have a great sound to them; a soulful radio-friendly tone with a grittier rock-edge demonstrated in the chorus which lyrically is simple yet effective, perfect for live sing-a-longs. If one track sums up Liberati's three listed influences it's this one without a doubt, the Kings of Leon, The Police and Jimmy Eat World are all definitely in there, showcasing an original and very clever amalgamation of the differing sounds of the bands. The track itself is great, leading the album well and really setting the bench-mark high.

If you're a fan of any of the artists mentioned or like the sound of Dom Liberati, make sure you check him out on his Facebook page. The Good Hurt is out on the 21st June, so be sure to pick up a copy from iTunes.

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