Monday, 23 May 2011

New Artist Alert: 4 Weeks Inbetween

4 Weeks Inbetween are a female-fronted upbeat pop punk quintet from Southampton but, be warned, do not be deceived by their tender years...these guys rock! With their debut EP 'Tearing At The Seams' available on iTunes, the band are really making a name for themselves on the Southern UK music scene and you can catch them live at The Croft in Bristol on 23rd June.

'Scream, Live, Lie' showcases great guitar work and a really tight rhythm section; I've listened to a load of bands a lot older than these guys who definitely aren't as together as this band are which is great to hear considering that things can only get better. The track is energetic and typically pop-punk but written well; the vocals suit the style of the music and carry the track well.

'These Rumours' is a down-n-dirty punk song, full of frantic guitar, thrashing drums and strong vocals. The drums really drive this track along and I love the high-guitar riff in the chorus. The vocals are definitely the crowing moment of the track though; they carry long, drawn-out notes confidentally and sound wicked in the bridge section. This is a great break-down with chugging bass that builds as the vocals intensify; the rest of the band slowly ease their way back into the fray before a climatic pause is reached followed by an explosive guitar-led break before the last choruses. This is just a great track!

Without You is a lot calmer which is a great move, I definitely need a sit-down after the previous tracks but it still manages to maintain the bands rockier sound in the choruses. The guitar work is inventive whilst the rhythm section hold down the groove well. The vocals are allowed a lot of space in the verses and they sound great, really showcasing lead-singer Luu McGonagle's talent. The track is well-written and the pace change was definitely what was needed.

4 Weeks Inbetween have got a lot going for them and, as they grow as individuals and musicians, can only hope to get tighter and write even better songs. I definitely urge you to check the guys out on their Facebook page to keep up to date and have a listen to their songs for yourselves. Enjoy!

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  1. my most Favorited band next to foo fighters !


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