Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Artist Alert: League

Inspired by their story of 'two students having dropped out of college to live in a tent on the beach', I was most definitely intrigued by League and interested to hear what such an experience might do to affect the music one produces. League claim that their music was inspired by their move, calling it "a primal experience that was a huge influence, that we managed to mix with a modern/urban sonority, to make a connection between two distinct worlds" and the very obvious originality in their music is testament to their lifestyle change. 'Golden Maps' relies heavily on the fusion of two worlds and, more importantly, two quite differing styles of new wave-dance which features, in my opinion, heavy influences from indie in the synth melodies, drum sounds and vocal styles. It sounds like a synthed-up indie track, but equally a rocked-up dance track so I'm unsure which pigeon hole to place it in...either way it's got a great sound that takes on an almost tribal and psychadelic route at times.

'Take My Hand' starts with an interesting synth riff that could either settle into a slow, reggae-feel, Manu Chao groove or, equally as comfortably, break into a faster-paced rock beat. The latter has been chosen upon and works well, again with the indie-rock drum sounds prominent and sounding great against the dancy-backdrop of synth and bass-sounds. The track breaks into synth-led sections, staying true to the duo's dance-roots whilst always maintaing that rock under-current, once again with the tribal influences in the chorus.

League are definitely onto something here; a really great marriage of styles brought together by a dramatic personal lifestyle-change; the next step is to hear them pull it off live. And yes, the pair are based in London and gigging. If you want to hear for yourself the psychadelic sounds featured, make sure you check out their Myspace page for music, photos and to keep up to date. Enjoy :)

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