Monday, 7 June 2010

Bon Jovi top off the o2 Dome!

A very cold looking Jon Bon Jovi grimaced as the chilly June breeze tousled through his hair. With sunglasses to see through the thick London clouds and down at the hundreds of fans waiting below, he smiled as he divulged that whilst in London, he'd be "supporting the home team" when England kick off their World Cup campaign against the States in Africa this Sunday.

The band looked amazing at the very central top spot of the dome, and as Sky News' exclusive coverage cut short halfway through the opener We Weren't Born To Follow, they continued on through Superman, You Give Love a Bad Name and It's My Life.

The correspondent mused how many other bands might put posters up or take out ads in the local papers to announce the start of their London residency. Not Bon Jovi however; "we'll play anywhere" he beamed, "if you don't have electricity, we'll bring our own!"


  1. i love a band that just want to play. anywhere, anytime, they just love doing what theyre doing.
    thanks for your comment. i defo agree about the arctic monkeys. i love their old stuff. i listen to it all the time but their new stuff is so disappointing. i do wonder if alexa has anything to do with it too!! maybe she took their creativity away.. what really bothers me about their new stuff is the lyrics. theyre dreadful and with the arctic monkeys, we're all used to these amazing lyrics and to then come out with the crap that they sing now, its just a shame x

  2. Unlike other rock bands, Bon Jovi is one of the few rock bands who captured, touched and burned the soul of rock music enthusiast! I salute, I worship and I pledge to Bon Jovi. Versality, Virtuosity, influential, Legendary. these are the words that describe jon bon jovi, he so great I even sing it on karaoke! Especially the "bed of roses" my entire body chills whenever I hear the highest peak of these song.

  3. it will be more entertaining than watching this drab, boring, middle of the road forgetful commercial excuse of everything thats wrong with music "rock" band........


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