Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bon Jovi videos Live @ The O2 (13/06/10)

Here's a cool video of We Weren't Born To Follow live from last night's show at the O2. Great view of the stage from these seats (thought they weren't mine) and also a great panoramic sweep of the venue right at the end.

Here's Born To Be My Baby

And the cool Pretty Woman cover, selected by Bobby "The Jukebox" Bandiera!

These are fan videos as taken from different parts of the arena, unfortunately my iPhone only records 15 secs of video, but I personally prefer to just enjoy the show for what it is rather than concetrate on taking millions of pictures and videos anyway :)

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  1. sometimes you just need to experience it and just get completely absorbed in the moment and not worry about filming and pictures. ive been out with friends sometimes and they take so many pictures that you cant actually enjoy yourselves.
    love the new header. it is neew isnt it? i dont remember seeing it before x


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