Monday, 7 June 2010

Jon Bon Jovi in UK Newspaper The Mirror/Playing the roof of the o2

As featured in The Mirror's online celebs section, Jon has given a cool interview that touches on marriage, touring and the touchy subject once more of the o2 ticket prices. You can read the interview here.


No plans for child number 5:
"Dorothea has worked over the years but not now we have four kids. It's a full-time job. No more children for me, no thanks. I got plenty."

On drinking:
"I drink too much every day but it has never been a problem. I don't have a problem. If you drink anything, you drink too much. If you drink a few coffees you are drinking too much coffee."

o2 Ticket Prices:
"One supporter posted on the band's official website: "The prices of the tickets are ludicrous. You really let us down this time, guys."

Although Jon is concerned at the level of criticism, he is quick to defend the pricing strategy.
He says. "Those tickets are a couple of special package tickets.
"I don't really know what they are, they could be anything. It may be that you get everything and it may be 20 tickets."

Surely the CEO of a major corporation would know exactly how its tickets are priced?

As featured on many news sites, the band will be kicking off their o2 residency which begins tonight by performing on the ROOF of the o2 arena at 3.30pm BST. The short concert will be screened outside the venue at Peninsular Square for fans to see. How I wish I lived in London!

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