Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New EP from Julian Shah-Tayler available for free‏

Julian Shah-Tayler's latest EP is available now, once more for free. Please see below his press release and a link to the free download.

Julian is always busy recording and playing, already releasing 2 EPs this year to unanimous and humbling critical acclaim.

He has also seen his music used extensively this year in film and television, performing at the premiere (at the Frank Lloyd Wright built “Barnsdall House” in Hollywood) for “Prudence” in which he provided the voiceover and main theme song: “World Inside Your Mind” and placing songs in 2 new Australian TV shows.
He is currently on holiday from solo recording to produce a couple of albums, one with vintage Korean opera/pop star “Rainboe Wave” and one with ex Spindrift Keyboardist and conceptual artist “Native Fauna”.
He is also finishing the “Adamandevil” album for Music Sales publishing.
Another reason for the hiatus is that his solo release schedule is now full up to the end of 2010.
The forthcoming EP “Fill Your Joys With Love” is released on the 5th of July and is informed by Julian’s conscious decision to concentrate on his more “organic and songwriter” sides prompted by a “Hunky Dory” referencing review of his previous EP “Blah Blah Blahnik”.
It also contains 2 songs from the upcoming album “Coito Ergo Sum”.
The title “Fill Your Joys With Love” is a deliberately misquoting tribute to the Zefirelli film of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

You can listen to a preview of the EP or download it for free here.

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